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Applying For A Business Loan

The first step in applying for a business loan is to obtain your credit information along with your FICO scores.  You may apply at:  http://www.freescore.com, or any credit reporting services that provide all three individual credit reports and all three individual FICO scores from:  Equifax, Experian and Transunion.  Why should you apply for your own credit information?  Because personal inquiries never lower FICO scores.

If your FICO scores from all three reporting agencies are at 525 or above, you may submit your FICO scores along with your credit information to us.  We must review this information in order to pre-qualify you for a business loan. We cannot start the application process without these documents.

Upon reviewing your credit information along with your credit report, if we determine that you are not eligible to apply for a business loan at this time, no processing fees will be charged.  We will then provide you with a detailed explanation as to why you did not qualify.  We will also provide you with the necessary steps to assist you in building up credit worthiness.  

If it is determined that you are eligible to apply for a business loan, a processing fee must be paid before the business loan application or any related documents are sent to you.  We will only charge a processing fee after:

1.  Reviewing your credit information along with your FICO scores.


   2.  We determine that you meet the lender’s minimum qualifications.

Submitting Your Credit Information and FICO Scores:

Obtain your credit information and credit scores.  Please note, that all three individual FICO scores from Equifax, Experian and Transunion must all be at 525 or higher before applying for a business loan.  Please click here for application instructions.

2. Scan and submit your your credit information and FICO scores.  Please click here for document submission instructions.  You must follow the submission instructions exactly. 

3. If minimal lender credit qualifications are met, applicant must gather and submit all supporting documents required by the lender in order to be considered for a business loan.  

Business Loan Amounts and Accompanying Fees:

                       JUNIOR & SENIOR MICRO LOANS

                   Loan Amounts                      Processing Fees

$      500.00    -   $   1,000.00                 $    50.00
$   1,001.00    -   $   5,000.00                 $    75.00
$   5,001.00    -   $ 30,000.00                 $  100.00
$ 30,001.00    -   $ 50,000.00                 $  125.00


                    UNSECURED LINE OF CREDIT ("ULOC")

                 Loan Amounts                          Processing Fees

$  15,000.00   -   $   30,000.00                $  100.00

$  30,001.00   -   $   50,000.00                $  125.00

$  50,001.00   -   $ 150,000.00                $  150.00

$ 150,001.00  -   $ 250,000.00                $  175.00

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