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United Business & Financial Services was created to help small business owners and those who want to be small business owners obtain the needed funding in order to start a business, expand their business, infuse capital into an existing business or purchase an existing business.

Getting needed capital in today's business climate can be nearly impossible.  Many banks are unable or unwilling to lend to businesses with small business usually bearing the brunt of those decisions.

We at United Business & Financial Services specialize in helping small business owners or would be owners secure the financing they need for their business or business idea.  We provide access to funding for:

  • Start-Ups (zero - six months)
  • Almost Start-Ups
  • Home based Businesses
  • Internet based Businesses
  • Non-homebased businesses
  • Expansion of Present Business
  • Franchise or Business Purchase

We work directly with private and institutional lenders in the United States.  Currently, we do not fund businesses outside of the United States.                                                                       

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